How To Be Extra Happy on a Holiday Season

by - October 29, 2018

Date and be happy

How do you cope up from a bad break up or perhaps you got fired from your dream job? These are few of the things people get depressed of. Often times, some people do not know how to be extra happy on a holiday season especially when these unfortunate events happen in their lives. 

As the holiday nearly approaches and I think it's the best time to be pre-occupied, get busy, and be happy. Let's be real, it's not easy to be happy but it always is on your own phase and time. But, here are a few of my tips you may want to consider and by the way, these are what I did, always!


Fun to do shopping

1. Go Shopping. 

Yes, one of the BEST therapy in life is SHOPPING. Men or women enjoy shopping, make-up, perfume, and bags for women, shoes, and gadgets for men. Especially this holiday season, all shopping malls and retail boutique are having 50-70 percent off this season. Who wouldn't want to have a nice pair of heels, a new handbag and a new watch that you can use on all the parties that you will be attending this holiday season? 

Setting up christmas tree

2. Enjoy Decorating Your Home

Well, aside from retail therapy, what I also enjoy is decorating my house for the coming holidays. Fixing your Christmas tree, your house - inside and out. I mean, that will just eat up all day of your weekend and definitely, you will be happy after seeing all your effort.

3. Visit Your Family

One of the best quality of being and growing up in a Filipino family is the value of family ties. It doesn't matter if we live apart from our folks but whenever we have a special day/gathering or holidays, we will all visit our family and will have a reunion with all of our relatives. That's definitely will be a blast and just full of fun and laughter. I know, there will always be a drama between family members, life is not perfect and in spite of those, we will always make amends with our family no matter what. 

This is also the best time for our family member whos living abroad to come home for the celebration of the coming holidays.

Travel the world

4. Travel

Whenever I feel devastated or just being fed up of all the bad things has been happening to me, this will save my sanity. Traveling makes me feel FREE again, be at peace and just simply relax for few days or if time permits and budget... I will have 1-2 weeks of vacation out of the country or just simply driving to the beach.

5. See Your Old Friends and School Batch Mates

I bet seeing your high school friends will be the best time to laugh from evening till morning with buckets of beer or wine. I'm sure that most of us have the funniest days in our high school. From skipping classes and to not attending those boring events. Rekindling our first puppy love during high school, first crush and first of everything? Lol.

Date wine

6. Attend Office Party

As a homemaker, and an online writer, I do not have an office to go to but thanks to my blogging community I am able to meet dozens and hundreds of people from our community. Brands have invited me to their Company Parties, Blogging Parties are also the best avenue for meeting new people. Imagine attending numerous parties like Halloween, Christmas, and New Year, I bet you will be able to meet someone and have a date. 

Holiday party

Who wouldn't want a nice, loving and full of trust relationship.. well, I do! This will happen at any stage of life, young ones, yuppies and even people over 50s dating. If you think you can not meet a new partner from attending these numerous parties in the coming season, dating sites in kent may interest you. Go ahead, don't think about it. Just do it in Kent dating site.

How To Be Extra Happy on a Holiday 

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