Love Your Skin with Good Virtues Co.

by - December 13, 2018

About: Good Virtues Co. 

The company wants you to look and feel lovely without relinquishing your qualities. They put a solid spotlight on the honesty and purity of ingredients, making fantastic items that are good for you and nature. 

Every one of their items is likewise free from mineral oil, SLES, ALES, parabens, manufactured/synthetic colorants, and are not tried on creatures. In advocating the decency of their items and treating our planet and its kin with pride.

Good Virtues Co. praises the inner strength, great temperances, and elegance that uncover your actual beauty. 

This is manufactured in Malaysia. 

Lightening Hand and Body Lotion

This lightening lotion gives instant smooth and hydration feeling n our skin. It has black seed and natural Himalayan extracts that deeply nourishes your skin. 

This I hope a perfect lotion for my recently tanned skin from last weeks Batangas trip. I don't intend to be fair skin but even toned is perfect for me. 

150 ml
Retail Price: 249.75 PHP

Facial Cleanser

This extra moisturizing facial cleanser has organic black seed that is safe for our skin. This enhances soothes and rejuvenates dull and dry skin. It moisturizes our face from harmful pollution we get outside our house. 

I will use this for 1 week and will give feedback soon. I just hope I will not have any breakouts since my period is almost due this coming week. 

100 ml
Retail Price: 239.75

Lightening Feminine Wash

A gentle wash that cleanses intimate areas and can maintain a PH balance for us women. 
I will surely use this every day. 

150 ml
Retail Price: 174.75 PHP

Hair Serum

This has a rich and natural nutrients from the Black Seed that can be used on our hair after shampoo and conditioner. This can be reapplied throughout the day as desired. 

I might let my 8-yr-old daughter use this product on her frizzy hair and I will update or make a new blog post about it after 2-4 weeks of using. 

100 ml
Retail Price: 349.75

All prices are based on Good Virtues Co Fishermall branch.

For more info, you may visit

Love Your Skin with Good Virtues Co.

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  1. Replies
    1. Let me know how your experience with the facial cleanser goes. I sometimes have trouble finding a brand that cleans thoroughly but is not too harsh

  2. Wow. The products look interesting and promising. ♡ I'd love to join your giveaway and hopefully win to try them out 😅

  3. Good to know that the products are organic and are harmless to nature/ animals. Thanks for sharing! I will try these. Are they available at Watson's or supermarkets?

  4. I love the packaging! This is perfect for exchange gifts!


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