Authentic Chinese Cuisine by: Kingbee Restaurant

by - December 28, 2014

There are so many Chinese restaurant in the metro now and Kingbee Restaurant offers authentic Chinese Cuisine. Located in Almanza Dos, Daang Hari Las Pinas. I love Chinese food and I have to say that this restaurant exceeds my expectation of Chinese Cuisine. 

First on the menu is the Hot and Sour Soup. It has veggies and egg. From the name itself, it's a bit spicy and sour. just enough balance of both. 

Cold Cuts Platter is a must try. A complete plate of meats that is mouth-watering and very delectable. These platter has different varieties of meat, has a century egg and seaweeds.  

One of my favorite comfort food is Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet. Right balance of sweetness and sourness gives this dish a wonderful taste. 

A noodle dish which is very popular in Chinese Cuisine. However, a Pancit Canton is not an authentic Chinese Cuisine. The restaurant acquire this dish for Filipinos pallet and what is popular to us. 

Fried chicken. One of the many popular dish in Chinese Cuisine. I just love the platting with a bird made from veggies. Taste is good. 

Meal is not complete without a rice. Young chow/fried rice

Shredded Beef Tenderloin with Mango is one of my favorite dish of Kingbee. Very tender beef and right combination of sweetness of Mango. 

Shrimp Salted Egg is a must try. Not an ordinary breaded and fried shrimp. It is drenched in salted egg mixture. I don't eat salted egg but this dish is really good.

For the desert, Fresh Fruit Platter. Nobody can't resist this desert. very appealing to the eye on how they serve their fruits. Everything is gone in just minutes though, lol. 

Thank You ZOMATO Philippines for another foodie meetup. And Thank You Kingbee Restaurant for all these good food. 

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  1. Wow this all looks very delicious, so much more choice than we get here in the UK for this type of cuisine. The cold platter would definitely be the one for me.

  2. I have yet to sched a visit King Bee - I've not eaten here. Their Hot & Sour Soup look good as well as the cold cuts platter. These two are the dishes that I always order whenever I'm at a Chinese restaurant. Do they have Mango Pudding or Mango Sago in King Bee?

  3. The fruit platter really looks grand and impressive! Haha, Salted egg shrimp is a common favourite dish amongst the Chinese!

  4. I'm a huge fan of Chinese food but we have never tried this restaurant. No wonder when you mentioned the name, it sounds familiar; because we've passed this before. With all honesty, the reason why we don't visit it (though we pass by it several times) is because the visuals of the restaurant from the outside isn't so appealing. Sometimes, the look of the restaurant reflects the kind of service and food they serve so we never tried them. But based on your post here, I guess, it's proving us wrong.

  5. Awwww~~~ This is so great! I love to have this as my dinner with family. huh?! Thanks for the review.

  6. Oh wow this restaurant looks and sounds great! I hope to visit there one day form dinner with my family!

  7. The cold cuts platter looks delicious and Chinese cuisines really rocks! King Bee gives out the essence of Chinese foods.

  8. They have a really delicious platter and set meal that's great for sharing. It would be nice to try this place when I am in the south.

  9. I am using Zomato app and I love having it because it can give me information of the new restaurant or the best restaurant you can visit to have your food trip thingy. BTW, foods are great and I super love Chinese food.

  10. I didn't know that King Bee had all these sorts of food! They look quite delicious!! :)

  11. Is there a King Bee branch in Quezon City? Las Pinas is too far from our home.

  12. I am quite particular about my Chinese food - spoilt as I am with cheap, great quality chinese restaurants here in Singapore �� A chain I'd recommend is crystal jade - have they expanded to Philippines? Here in SG, they are a great choice!


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