First time to step inside Malacanang Palace

by - February 23, 2015

Brief History of Malacañang Palace

The Malacañan Palace is the official residence and workplace of the President of the Philippines. Malacanan Palace, it's original structure was built in 1750 by Don Luís Rocha as a summer house along the Pasig River. He is a rich Spaniard and later on sell the palace to the Philippine Government. Back then, when people see the palace they say "May Lakan na nakatira diyan". This means, there's a rich person living there. From then on, the palace is called Malacanan.

*In 1973, the Presidential Library—a gift for President Marcos by First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos on the occasion of his birthday, and distinct from the Malacañan Palace Library—was established at the ground floor of Maharlika Hall, now Kalayaan Hall. Besides being a library, it also served as a clearing house for President Marcos’ documents. In 1997, the Presidential Library was abolished, and its collections were transferred to the Malacañang Library.

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This has been one of the many great experiences I had as a blogger. It was my first time to visit and be inside the Malacanang Palace. Students will surely learn and will love history if they will have a tour inside the museum.

The famous Malacanan's Balcony where he announced that he won the 1986 Snap Election.

The very table that former President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law back in September 21,  1972 (Wikipedia says it's September 23, however from what I remember in my High School History class it was 21st of September). And after the proclamation of Martial Law it was announced to the public, 3 days after. 

Memorabilia's of all 15 Philippine Presidents are here in the museum. 
And touring inside the Museum and Library has been culturally enriching for me. 

If you want to visit the Malacanang Museum, visit their website and schedule a tour date.

Soecial thanks to Mr. Deo De Guzman of RMN DZXL for organizing our museum tour and Evo for our pictures. 

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