Smile Pilipinas in partnership with Oral-B aims to have the whole country have a beautiful smile

by - February 23, 2015

Smile Pilipinas in partnership with Oral-B is a collaboration of University of the Philippine College of Dentistry and most trusted oral care brand Oral-B come up with a great project to educate Filipinos on not just how to take care of their teeth but the overall oral hygiene as well.

Sad Reality. Oral care is not a priority among Filipinos and yet we face a very serious situation. Worldwide, the Philippines has the highest rate of caries among children. This is an obvious health issue and it affects the individuals' life, personal identity, confidence, and productivity.

Smile Pilipinas is a movement for all Filipinos. Smile Pilipinas is a movement. It is not limited to UP students, alumni, and staff. The organization is opening its doors and inviting the nation to join it in its mission of bringing healthy smiles to the whole country. Public dialogue and encouraging civic participation and action to address oral health issues in the country. 

Ms. Iza Calsado as the Brand Ambassadress of Oral-B. Encourages everyone to help and support Smile Pilipinas.

A TVC will be available soon to promote Smile Pilipinas. A very catchy jingle. Donation Cans, Online donations through Paypal, Credit card and Bank Deposits are available in The Smile Pilipinas Website. They also have Merchandises like Tshirts and Bags to fund the organization.

We can all help to have the whole country have a brighter and beautiful smile for everyone. Brush teeth every after a meal. Use a good toothpaste and toothbrush. And floss. Good hygiene is important and we should help and teach our children to have it while they're young. 

Smile Pilipinas in partnership with Oral-B aims to have the whole country have a beautiful smile

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