Mati's Meat and Bread: Sinful and Flavorful Meals

by - April 20, 2015

Mati's Meat and Bread is located in the Filinvest River Park, Alabang. The restaurant is named after the owners son Mateo (Mati - nickname). Mati's Meat and Bread are the casual version of Melos Steakhouse. Prices are much more affordable, yet the quality and taste is not compromised. We are able to try most of their sinful, yet so flavorful meals. 

For starters, this Truffled Bone Marrow is just mouth-watering just like its sauce overflowing in the bone marrow. Very sinful. The flavors just explode in your mouth. OA, I know, but really this is a bad boy meal. 

Balot Aligue, this is so far the most exotic food I'll ever eat, though this is a famous food for us Filipinos. Balot is known for a good source of calcium. This is a duck embryo. I was brave enough to try this. When you cut the embryo you'll see those hairs and eyes of the bab ducks. But, the sauce is really good.

I love how fresh this Oyster Rockefeller. With cheese on top, heaven!

Special Tacos with Kimchi & Nori Cream Cheese Spread. What I love about this taco is that the Kimchi isn't overpowering the taste of the meat and cream cheese. 

One of the best sellers meal is Mama's Buffalo Wings.  I really like this chicken. I had 4 of these. Lol. My kid liked it too. 

Tali's Gamberetti Pizza. This pizza has shrimp, anchovy, mushroom with basil and roasted garlic is one of the best thin pizzas I ever tasted.

Another great pizza from Mati's.  Bia's Four Cheese. 

Camille's Spinach and Arugula Bean Salad. With sweet chili vinaigrette and mangoes & cherry. 

Vince's Chicken Arugula Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette reduction.  Mind you, those on top are not calamares, those are fried sweet onions. We were all confused when we all tasted it, until Paul (the owner) said it's an onion. 

USDA Salpicao Rice. I don't wanna exaggerate how I liked this dish but really, first taste of the beef plus the salpicao rice is heavenly. I can have 2 cups of rice because of this. 

USDA Steak.  This steak is around 150 grams (hope my memory serves me right). With mashed potato and veggies. Cooked medium rare, though I liked a medium well, but it still tastes good.

Truffle Pasta. One of the best and most flavorful pasta. 

Mati's Angus Burger. The beef patty is cooked to perfection. 

We had Certified Angus Rib eye, and unfortunately I wasn't able or better yet I totally forgot to take photos of it because once it was served to us, we all dig in, lol. 

Our Angus Rib eye is cooked on our table side by Paul. 

Choco Fudge and Eclair Cake. My kid loved it! especially the choco fudge because it has vanilla ice cream. I like most the Eclair cake coz it has fresh mangoes. 

My all time favorite fruit shake, Watermelon Shake. 

Overall foodie experience, 5/5. Price is very reasonable, price range from 200 to 400 php. Angus Ribeye is around 1,400 php (worth the price). I liked the ambiance because of its high ceiling and ceiling to floor glass wall where you can see the Filinvest River Park. I will definitely be back here soon. Thanks Mati's! 

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  1. These look so good! Balut made of chicken egg instead of duck! Oysters! I will definitely seek this out next time we go to Filinvest.

    1. Thanks for reminding me that balot is from duck and not chicken. Really shows im not a balot-eater, lol

  2. I love all the food especially the dessert! So yummy!

  3. Skinny pizza! It looks delicious! The other thing I can't resist is pasta! yummy, it's indeed sinful!

  4. Truffled bone marrow! Balut aligue! Oysters! Angus Burger! I am so tempted to drive to Alabang right about now. The food looks stellar and from review I think they deliver on taste as well. Can't wait to eat there myself. Sarap for sure!

  5. The kind of feast my family will love! From the skinny pizzas, to that steak cooked at table side! I want some too!!

  6. woah! I want to fly there right now to eat. A watermelmelon shake? Yes please!

  7. I live within the area but I have not been here; I don't even know there's a restaurant that serves dishes as good as those. I should really go to other places other than Town Center, lol. I'm definitely going to try Mati's one of these days.

  8. wow , i never thought balut would be reinvented this way. i think i need to try it soon..

  9. Mati's making a name, and it's making it to my list. Hmm, I'm curious of the Balut! haha never thought it could turn that way. haha must try! :-)

  10. It's lunch time now, and all I see is these gulay! I am hungry ..super hungry looking at these food. But that Balot Aligue is a must try food.

  11. Oh wow all of the food looks so divine!! Made me hungry just looking at it!

  12. You are making me hungry !! Truffles bone marrow looks new to me and love the way grilling on the table with small pan.
    Pizza indeed is looking thin and quite similar to skinny pizza we get here.

  13. I am drooling right now. These are yummy foods.

  14. My goodness! What a feast for yhe palate and eyes. I couldn't help but chuckle over your effusive descriptions, I'd do the same over really good food.

  15. It's mouthwatering just seeing the photos. I would really love to try their pizza here.

  16. Oh gosh!!!! All these delicious irresistible food pictures. I am so hungry now. I like the Special Tacos with Kimchi & Nori Cream Cheese Spread and the Oyster Rockefeller.

  17. I love your photos!! I don't think I can eat the Balut Aligue tho.


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