5 Things I learned from being a Mom

by - May 10, 2015

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Being a mom is such a great and priceless gift from God. Having a child of your own makes you feel like you're a complete woman. Whenever I see my child, all my worries and problems are forgotten. I have learned so much from being a mom. 

1. I learned to be a Father and a Mother to my child. It's not everyday that you will be with your partner in raising your child (for married couples). For single mom, this is the very first thing that they will/have learned. 

2. I became a Teacher to my child. Taught her how to speak, walk on her own, eat on her own. And now, I have taught my child what is Alphabet and Numbers. Taught her how to count from 0-40 at the age of three she already knew that and now that my child is four I taught her about Math, on how to add and subtract numbers. FYI, my kid attended nursery for summer class, 3 weeks ago. She will attend proper schooling this coming June. 

3. I have learned to be more patient. Sometimes when we are in a bad mood and your kid keeps on irritating you, there will be a time that you will snap and you will end up shouting on your kid. 

4. I learned to surpass my Insomnia. From the first day I had my child, those sleepless nights that you have to make milk when my child gets hungry in the middle of the night, when her nappies is full and you have to change it at any time of the night. Up until now, I still have to check her while she's sleeping.  

5. Lastly, I learned to be Selfless. When I was still single, I can buy whatever I want. Go wherever I want to go. Do whatever I want. But now, when I'm at the mall and I have plans on buying something for myself, I will forget that and instead I end up buying something for my kid. A new toy, or a book and sometimes a new dress for her. If a friend will ask me to go out or maybe just to have coffee, I will think of it many times before I say Yes, because I will think of my child how is she going to eat, and most times, I will end up bringing my kid with me. 

Having my child is the best gift from God. I will never exchange her from anybody and anything else. I love being a MOM. And I will cherish it and enjoy it for the rest of my life. 

Happy Mother's Day to all Mama!

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  1. I give my snappest salute to all the mothers . i know it is not an easy role and job ... the unconditional love and sacrifices... kudos to all the moms

  2. Salute to the moms! Happy mothers day to you! All true! Moms are just naturally selfless! Haha and yeah, perhaps the insomnia surpassing too! Very accurate lessons you've learned! And I could relate as I have seen my own mom learn these too, and many more! Specially that my mom also really stood as our father when Dad left us back when I was in Highshool. Salute even more to single moms like my own mom.

  3. It's true that when a woman gives up a lot of things for a family. She gives up her surname for her husband, her life for her baby and so on. It's really amazing what mother's can do. They are the living samples of a wonder woman.

    This is a great post to remind us how much sacrifice our mothers give us. Thanks for sharing! Belated Happy Mother's Day! :)

  4. Being a mum, not only are you learning all the time your child, your husband are learning on the go too... Even when you are at your 2nd or 3rd child, they are all different! Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Being a mum is not easy and it needs your total personality to raise children. You have to learned the overall essence of being a mother; not just 5 or 100....it must be countless.

    1. As a first time mom, Everyday is a learning progress for me

  6. Those are the things we learn as a mother. May I also add SACRIFICE. We learn to sacrifice for our children.

  7. I can relate to everything here, especially the bit about insomnia. As kids wake up in the middle of the night, you have to pull all-nighters sometimes. It’s all worth it though when you see them growing up.

  8. My patience is sorely being tested today. The kids are having Chinese exams tomorrow, and I am sure the entire neighbourhood heard my pleads which progress into loud screams as the day went on.... Thanks for the reminder, that being "mum" is itself a gift...

  9. Belated happy mother's day! I agree with all 5. When my children, I stopped living for myself and learned to live for them.

  10. Being a mom is definitely not easy - like you have to be strong 24 / 7 and you always have to be on top of things, manage this and that, and most of all take care of your children who, despite of what they do, will still get your unconditional love. And, that's why I love my Mom so much. We drive each other crazy on most days but my gratitude and love for her will always be there.

  11. Mothers are special people and I am at awe at what you do for your children. Happy mother's day to you!

  12. Moms are really a jack or rather a jill of all trades. They have to fulfill a lot of roles and be selfless in the process.

  13. Wow this is such a lovely article. I am not yet a mom but I am sure my mother has become all of the above mentioned.

  14. This post is so good. Yes we learn a lot from our parents. Love unconditionally, selflessness, how to lead a well mannered life. Thanks

  15. There really are some things that you only get to learn once you become a mom. Really loved reading this! :D

  16. Thumbs Up to all moms out there. Your job is a full time one without pay .However, there are lots of privileges and one is to always be there to your kids.

  17. I'm sure as a mummy, we definately learn more than 5 things yet, these 5 are the most precious one!

  18. I love learning each day with my kids and same goes for my hubby. Each day is a beautiful day with them growing together is a phase which we will cherish forever.

  19. I'm just like you and have learned all those things. I was married but currently separated and one of the things I learned is totally being patient and selfless.

  20. Definitely lessons we have all learned, in some form or fashion. I think the biggest two are patience and being selfless. With kids there is no other option.


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