Pasta and Pastry at Paume's Pastry House - BF Homes Paranque

by - June 11, 2015

You'll always see new cafes, restaurants and pastry shops around BF Homes Paranaque and the newest and a 6-month old cafe is Paume's Pastry House. This homey vibe pastry shop is located at #29 President's Ave. BF Homes Paranaque.

At first, it has been just a pastry shop that sells cakes, cookies, pasta, sandwiches and coffee, however, as what the demands of most customers, they added rice meals (specifically Filipino dishes). Most cafes in Metro Manila are incorporating Filipino well known dishes. As what Chef Carol says "We're giving our customer a reason to stay longer in our cafe so we offer meals not just pasta that kids and young at hearts will enjoy". The design interiors of the pastry shop are from Chef Carols' grandma's house in France. 

This salad is for our starter. It has fresh green with sweet almonds.

Roast Beef Sandwich. First bite, you can really taste the those thinly sliced beef. What I don't like it is that I can taste the mustard, which I really don't like on a burger or sandwich in any way. However, I know I can request to remove the mustard next time so I can enjoy this sandwich. My Chichi enjoyed most the fries, lol.

Croque Madame. 

Carbonara with Bacon bits. Me and Chichi enjoyed this as this is one of our fave kind of pasta. Just enough saltiness from the bacon.

Pesto with grilled Chicken. An oil based pasta that has the balance of basil and olive oil. Surprisingly, Chichi liked it. Not all kids would want to eat an oil base pasta as they would only eat a classic spaghetti, carbonara and lasagna.   

Love seafood? Try their Vongoli Olio.

Our fave on all these 4 pastas, Lasagna Forno. Cheesy goodness at its perfection. 

Salted Caramel Latte. I love the strong coffee taste on this. 

Iced Milo for my Chichi. Who doesn't love Milo anyway? Lol. 

Choco Eclair to start of desert feast. 

Too bad I wasn't able to taste even a small bite of this delightful Snicker's Cake. They all dig into this cake and I wasn't aware that they were all having a bite of this. 

Nougat Cake. A must-try desert. 

And to finish our meal, a Cheesecake with Blueberry sauce is heavenly. I can finish this 1 slice or even two I think. 

Thank's To Paume's Pastry House! We all had a full tummy after all these yummy meals and deserts. So everyone living in Las Pinas, Paranaque and Alabang visit them soon and you will never regret dining here. 

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  1. Their cakes and carbonara looks yummy. Will try to visit them one day since the place is just 2 rides from my place.

  2. It's great that they're more than a pastry shop. For businesses to thrive and survive in BF, I think it's important to have dishes in your menu that would be a little heavy; Filipino Food is a good addition to their menu. I hope to check out Paume's this weekend.

  3. their pasta and desserts look good! especially the vongoli olio, so generous with the clams!

  4. Carbonara my ulimate, although I have to say those dessert look even better. What a wonderful place. x

  5. The food looks very good when presented like this. What is the price range? Just too bad this place is too far from where I live. Hope they expand to QC one day.

  6. Everything looks good. Seafood pasta is one of my favorites and that Vongole Olio looks really tasty.

  7. The one food I can't resist is PastA! LOVE the look of the Pesto and Vongoli Olio.

  8. Nowadays, coffee shop serves desserts or pasta and bread that they'll adding on their product lines. The place and the foods seems good. Pasta is great with coffee and bread.

  9. Such a cute place and the food looks yum especially the dessert! Great review dear. Wish I get a chance to visit it soon :)

  10. I love the iced milo.. haha. My place call this large jar milo ask dinosaur drink. =)

  11. Another restaurant to look forward when I visit the south and the price is affordable.

  12. Their food looks wonderful! Especially Nougat Cake? Sounds interesting, i've not tried it before.. The plate decor looks so pretty too~

  13. The vongoli looks great! Love how there are so many clams on the plate 💗

  14. Can I have the Pesto with grilled Chicken, Ice Milo and Snicker's Cake pleaseee.... hehehe the food at Paume's Pastry House look so delicious, I am drooling. Arghh you make me hungry again.

  15. I am a pasta man and I want to have those pastas plus the Nougat Cake

  16. I'm gonna love their carbonara with bacon. They also have delicious desserts here.

  17. Two of my favorites at one restaurant. You couldn't tear me out of here. The food looks absolutely delicious too!


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