Tech Review: Acer E380

by - June 04, 2015

I am a gadget freak. I'm so eager to try all mobile flagships that are available in the market (Philippines). There are so many affordable mobile phones in the market now and all you have to do is compare and choose what suits best for your everyday needs. 


Are you always on the go? Always online to chat with your friends on Facebook. Always capturing moments every day of your life and post it on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et al. Well, those are just the few things you need to consider before buying any gadget whether it's a mobile phone, a tablet/phablet, a laptop or perhaps a camera (digital or DSLR).


OS: Android 42.2
Physical Size: 4.7"
Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels
Camera: 13 megapixel (Rear with LED flash) 2 megapixel (front camera with flash)
System Chip: Media Tek MT66589
Graphics Processor: Power VR SGX544MP
Processor:  1200 MHz Quadcore
System Memory: 1024 MB of RAM
Bulit-in Storage: 4 GB
Storage Expansion:  micro SDHC, can upgrade up to 32 GB
Data Connection: HSPA, EDGE, GPRS

Sample Photos using Rear and Front camera

front camera on auto mode w/o flash

rear camera on auto mode w/o flash


It has a descent 13 megapixel camera (rear). And what I love about this phone, it has a flash front camera. It may have only 1 GB RAM, but while I'm on FB, Viber and browsing on the Internet, it hasn't been logged. I also like that it has a loud speaker because of its dts Studio Sound. This is a nice Smartphone that you can buy for only, 6,000 php. Acer E380 is available in most Malls nationwide. If I have more budget on my wallet, I would like to buy and try Samsung Grand that cost around 10,000 php.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. 

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  1. haven't heard much of acer phone. the front camera resolution doesn't look very good though. and Samsung grand? I didn't know there's such a model. it's all note and s here in sg.

  2. That looks like a good smartphone to have. I like the Acer brand and I would definitely consider this the next time I need to buy a phone.

  3. The gold finish is so gorgeous and the camera performs so well! Love everything about this ACER phone! :D

  4. 6,000 is a good deal for a smart phone with a 13-megapixel camera. It's great to know that when it comes to smart phones, people who love to be connected and the gadget market have more options to choose from.

  5. The Acer A380 price is reasonanle for the quality that they provide. Sound like they have decent camera quality.

  6. The price is good for a Quadcore with expandable memory. The brand is known. Not bad for those in search of a bargain android phone.

  7. I just get a plan from Sun Cellular and I love their Group Plan 999 set of cellphones. All are great smartphones gadgets and we really need to be connected to our love ones, most especially our sons and daughters who are in school.

  8. Acer phones and other brands in the market are increasing with lots of new features. It's a personal choice in owning one nowadays. It'll be used according to a person usage and style.

  9. The price is affordable and ACERe380 is really competitive with other smart phones that costs more than 30k.

  10. The price is affordable. ACERe380 is also competitive with other smartphones worth more than 30k

  11. Thanks for sharing this review. The photos are taken in rather low lighting though... if it can be taken under sunlight to review the true colours, will it be better? I'm an iPhone person though!

  12. That's a pretty decent price for a good phone! Sometimes, people should really look into the functionality of a phone because when they do, they'd find out that there are a lot of phones in the market that are more affordable and as useful as the other pricey mobiles.

  13. I know Acers made computer but I had no idea that they did smartphones too. I'm however a Samsung Galaxy fan but this would be perfect for my son.

  14. I don't think I have seen ACER phone in real. But I heard of it before. Glad that you love this much.

  15. P 6,000 for all this features is really worth it. I guess there are now a lot of alternatives available for mobile phones.

  16. An Acer smart phone? And at that price too. Looks like a pretty good deal too at that price. Hm, will keep an eye out for it.


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