Regenesis - My first Revlite Facial

by - December 25, 2015

Revlite is one of the newest laser technology that instantly lessen facial/pimple scar, freckles, villus hair and even whitens common area problems like underarm, elbow, groin area and can target melasma as well. That's how powerful this machine is.

I will be attending a wedding on March and I have to prepare and be pretty, lol. I've been planning to try Revlite for months and now, I was able to experience my 1st session at Regenesis Festival Mall Alabang.

From my previous post on Regenesis, their clinic is very cozy, clean, very accomodating staff and modern skin clinic machines.

Before I undergo Revlite, I had a facial with cleaning, extraction and diamond peel all for almost 30 to 40 minutes. Then off to my Revlite. Dra. Angela did my my facial Revlite for about 20 to 30 minutes. Before she take a laser shot on my face, her assistant had me wear a glass to protect my eyes from laser and checked my whole face as to what she needs to laser like my pimple scar, active pimple, venus hair, dark under eye and some fine lines.

She took a sample shot on my face, the feeling is like a rubber band is snapping on my face but it's really tolerable and not that painful at all. After having my Revlite, I instantly see the difference on my face eapecially my venus hair on my side upper lip. It's all gone!

Before Revlite

After Revlite

My 2nd session will be on the 2nd week of January and I can't wait to have Revlite again. It's really addicting. I also had my underarm undergo Revlite as well. Will do separate post of it.

Thank you Regenesis and Dra. Angela for my Revlite.

*My facial and underarm Revlite is sponsored but my review and opinion are honest and not biased.*

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  1. hmm, the before picture did look redder, but its hard to gauge since the lighting and angle of the two pictures are different. sounds very much like ipl too. do you know what's the difference?

    1. Way better than ipl. Revlite is much expensive procedure and has an instant effect

  2. I've never tried a treatment like this before. The spots on your cheek seem to disappear on the second picture. That's nice.

  3. It's a good way to pamper your skin at the same time, it makes it more radiant. Good luck on your future sessions.

  4. I haven't tried any treatments like these so I really need to look into it as it does look like it works!

  5. Very important that a dermatologist is doing this treatment personally, not just her nurse. It is on the face so I would not trust a non-MD to do this procedure. I read you had to do diamond-peel. I had that done before, painful, did not like it.

  6. Even I'd like to try some laser removal of facial hair. But definitely it scares me a lot!!!

  7. i need to share this to my friend. haha i think she might really want to try this treatment. i hope the results will be good for her as well :)

  8. nice. goodluck with the treatment. i hope everything goes well. <3

  9. Wow! How did the treatment go? Revlite sounds promising!


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