TIEZA Bloggers Tour at Corregidor

by - March 28, 2016

The Philippines has 7,000+ island, Corregidor Island is located in Cavite and under the TIEZA (Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority).  

Corregidor is an island where Japanese and Americans occupied during the World War I and World War II. This place is a passageway to Manila Bay that's why it is one of the places that became a Harbor Defense. Many Filipinos, Japanese and American soldiers died on the island.

I've been wanting to visit Corregidor for a long time because I knew it's just a few hours away from Manila by sea. And thanks to TIEZA for inviting us bloggers to tour around this historic place. I and my fellow bloggers met at the Mall of Asia Seaside Ferry Terminal of the Sun Cruise at 7 am, the cruise will depart from Manila at exactly 8 in the morning and about 1 1/2 hour travel by sea. 

Tram Buses are waiting at the port to tour around us, we are designated at the Bus Number 5.  We had so much fun during our day tour in Corregidor. Thanks to our tour guide Kuya Armando for his humor and knowledge about the history of Corregidor. We went all parts of Corregidor - from the tail to the north and south part of the island where we learned about the Word War I and II history. How our great Filipinos tried to defend our beloved country from the Japanese. We are all in awe to know that there are so many facts that are not in our History Textbooks, but that's the beauty of traveling and being on a tour because it's a never ending learning about our history and place itself. We've seen lots of ruins in Corregidor, see pictures below:

inside the hospital ruins

South part of Corregidor has a nice beach and tourist and guests can swim at the beach. 

We also went to the Malinta Tunnel (Ma-Linta/Leech) is one of the creepiest place here (well, for me, lol). It is where more than 2,000 Japanese soldiers died inside thru bombing. Japanese soldiers would rather die by their own hands than to be killed by their enemy - the American soldiers.  

It was a tiring yet worthy whole day trip. Knowing our history, seeing a historic place and learning at the same is a precious moment to treasure. 

*Thanks to TIEZA under Mr. Mark Lapid who made our Corregidor trip possible. 

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  1. Ohhh I want to also visit Corregidor! This place looks very beautiful. I've heard so many ghost stories about the Malinta Tunnel. I wonder if I'd get goosebumps when we finally reach there.

  2. Looks like it was a fun trip. I'd so love to visit your island one day. It's on my bucket list of places to travel to. It looks so beautiful there.

  3. Haven't been to Corregidor at all. I think my college class had a field trip there but I didn't go. Looking at your pictures, I'm wishing the trip there isn't so long (anything more than 2 hours from our place is long for me!), I would go with my kids.

  4. I have visited Corregidor this same exact way several years back. I am glad to see that they have kept up the good work in keep Corregidor tourist friendly.

  5. It's always nice to tour old places like Corregidor! So beautiful and full of history :D

  6. I've been to Corregidor several times and I always enjoy exploring the island. The last time I went there were with other bloggers as we toured a visiting friend and fellow blogger. He was amazed at the stories about the island itself and how it played a big role during World War II.

  7. I'm in Corregidor at least once a year to join their half marathon around the place. It's really among the best sites rich in natural views and historical sites.

  8. These are some great pictures. I haven't heard of it until now. What a great place to visit!

  9. Thanks for introducing this place to me. I wish that I can go there and enjoy the scenic view.

  10. What a wonderful piece of history to explore. The old structures have kept up well and that view is amazing!

  11. I love going to historical sites especially if it's about the WWII, I have always been fascinated by the stories and all that. It would be nice to go here and take that tour someday! I am so curious about all the stories behind the different places!

  12. I am just near corregidor have never set foot in this island fronting Manila Bay . I wish i could also be invited to see this place...history freak in the house!

  13. Corregidor is so beautiful! It's such a great thing that it's still maintained because it does show a rich history, although a bit tragic.

  14. Such a beautiful place. It is great that bloggers went together and had a tour of this place. That beach looks so serene!

  15. It must be a wonderful trip to enjoy with same set if people and I am sure you all would have ended up with tons of photos.

  16. Wow. Its history and nature wrapped in one place. The ruins look so haunting and the beach looks so lively!!

  17. It's always feel nice to identify with history and reminisce with the nature at its best.

  18. I am sure y'all had a fab time out. Love to be a part of the adventures when next this about to happen. Lovely photos with so much fun to explore!

  19. Wow, it gives me creeps to know that about the number of deaths in that place. I wonder if your felt any thing when you were there or will it be scarier at night?

    1. I felt something creepy inside the tunnel. I immediately had goosebumps and I wanted to go out asap but the show inside is entertaining and educating


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