Summer Getaway at Talipanan Beach x Dermplus Sunscreen

by - April 01, 2016

beautiful beach at Talipanan Beach

Summer Getaway at Talipanan Beach x Dermplus Sunscreen

The Philippines is such a beautiful country and it's best to travel and explore it when we are still young and we can still endure long travels and walks.
I have been to White Beach Puerto Galera three times already and after 9 years I set foot again in Mindoro. Yup! it's been a long time since I last visited Puerto Galera and I am thankful that there was an opportunity for me to travel again. 


Puerto Galera Mindoro is about 3 hours away from Manila. 

  • Manila to Batangas port is 2 hours drive depending on the traffic in South Expressway and in Batangas proper. Batangas Port to Puerto Galera is 1 hour to 1.5-hour boat ride.
    • Manila to Batangas fare is 165 php/4USD. DLTB Bus or Jam Liner (Gil Puyat LRT Station)
    • Batangas Port to Puerto Galera fare is 500php/12USD roundtrip (any shipping line)

We arrive at Talipanan Beach before lunch and the weather is perfect and I was shocked because it's almost the same white beach sand like in White Beach but less crowd, less beach hotel, and accommodations and more time to relax and unwind for 3 days during Holy Week Vacay. Tourist here is mostly foreigners and few locals, which I liked the most. This will be my 2nd time to be away with my kid for 3 days (first was when we went to Cebu 2 years ago). And thank God I survived it without crying and missing my kid so badly. For 3 days I was able to unwind, relaxed my mind and be able to see and explore the beauty of Talipanan beach - the simple life here and watched the locals (kids) are playing freely at the beach and see some foreigner with their dogs as well (so cute!)

Mindoro beach Talipanan Beach

kids playing at the beach of Talipanan Beach

view of a yacht at Talipanan Beach
View of White Beach from Talipanan, using my Nikon 3200 with 55-300mm lens.

We stayed at the Sunny Hotel/Puerto Galera Beach Resort for 3 days.

  • Room prices start at 1200 (without tax) 
  • With free breakfast
  • Free use of swimming pool
  • Beach Front

relaxing and nice hotel of Puerto Galera Beach Club

hotel room of Sunny Hotel/Puerto Galera Beach Resort

Comfy bed with a/c, small table, cabinet and ensuite bathroom.

nice room at Sunny Hotel/Puerto Galera Beach Resort

relaxing pool of Sunny Hotel/Puerto Galera Beach Resort

Free to use until 12 midnight for hotel guests.

beach front of Sunny Hotel/Puerto Galera Beach Resort
Beach Front
Great view from the hotel beach front. With comfy sofas, daybed where you can just chill, read books or perhaps have a body massage. 

bokeh shot of Dermplus products

And let's not forget to protect our skin from harmful sun rays by using Dermplus Sunscreen Lotion with right SPF. It has different variations of SPF - SPF 24, 30 and even up to 80 SPF, how cool is that? We don't have to worry now that we'll suffer from sunburns and chapped lips, yes you heard it right! some of Dermplus sunscreen lotions can be applied to the face and even our sensitive lips. 

pretty momma lee

Do you want to have an all expense paid summer vacay? Join Dermplus Moisturizing Sunscreen online promo.

Post your summer photo with your family or friends and answer this question " Where are you spending your Sunventure this summer 2016 with Dermplus Sunscreen?" And don't forget to include any variant of Dermplus Sunscreen lotion to your photo and tag them using these hashtags #dermplus #dermplussunventure #sunventure. Post as many pictures as you want. And don't forget to like them on Instagram @dermplus and Facebook.

1 lucky winner will have an all-expense paid trip to Boracay for two. 

For the 2nd price is hotel accommodation in Batangas.

3rd price is an overnight stay in Island Cove Cavite.

The announcement of winners will be on 23rd of May 2016.

So where are you heading this summer?

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  1. I so want to visit the Philippines so badly. Every time I see photos of the beaches etc, I just want to be there. I've never heard of that sunscreen but I would never go anywhere without sunscreen here. That giveaway is awesome as well.

  2. It's been awhile since I last visited Mindoro. Two years ago, when I embarked on a RORO from Manila to Bacolod, Mindoro was part of the route, but I never had the chance to enjoy the beach. Now that I am back in the Visayas, I take advantage of the proximity of the other islands and other beaches here. :-)

  3. Wow - what a beautiful landscape. And a great getaway idea, I am sure. I wish I was there right now!

  4. I lived in the Philippines for 13 years and I never get tired or surprised with the country's beauty. There are so many hidden spots all around the country. After all, there are over 7,000+ islands, right? lol

    I always hear about some new resort or newly discovered vacation spot just like this one. I have not been to Puerto Gallera yet, but I sure have heard a lot of good things about the place.

    I would love to visit there soon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. 80 spf??!!! That's something... Summer is slowly showing its might here...

  6. I have been to Puerto Galera and I agree it is one of the best beaches near Manila. I do not like the party atmosphere too much though. I rather stay in the quiet parts of the beach. - Fred

  7. Philippines has definitely made it to my list of must-visit places!!! So many resorts and they all look breathtaking! Thanks for inspiring me to visit someday.

  8. I have never been to Puerto Galera. Thanks for putting the prices of fares and accommodations. Quite affordable to visit the place. I like quiet beaches without the crowd.

  9. Beautiful islands of diverse landscape I crave to experience. Including the sun, sand, waves of the beautiful beaches there and have an awesome summer with my family.

  10. ive never heard of this place before. it looks really relaxing. the rooms has that summer beach feel!

  11. The beach is lovely, and I like the fact that it's not crowded at all. It's easier to enjoy a stress-free vacation when there are less people around. Thanks for sharing your experience, that's an awesome giveaway!

  12. Offlate I have been reading about Philippines beach and seriously didnt know that country is blessed with wonderful nature.

  13. Beautiful travelog. The location is so serene. Just by looking at the blue seas you feel rejuvenated.

  14. I've been using dermplus before and it really helps take care of my skin from being burned. It's always nice to visit Puerto Galera since it's affordable and closer to visit.

  15. I wish to go for my dream beach holiday in Boracay. I read a lot and about that place and its truly romantic.

  16. I haven't visited Puerto Galera in a long time! The room looks quite lovely on the photos! :D


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