Hawk Bag: Your Affordable Travel Bag

by - May 11, 2016

Hawk Bag has been in the Philippines since I was a kid and I knew the brand because back in grade school it's the bag that I have been using in school. It is affordable and durable and locally made in the Philippines. 


What I like about Hawk Bag:

1. Style

I love bags and I have lots of handbags and a few backpacks for my travel.  I like the style of this Green/Tangerine Bag.

2. Price

For the price of 1500PHP / 33USD you can have your own backpack like this.

3. Large Compartment

With the size of 12" x 19" x 7" it is light to carry so it's a perfect backpack for travel junkies like me.

4. Color Combination

Fatigue in style with a nice color combination of green and tangerine.

What about you, what's your style bag? What can you say about this Fatigue Hawk Bag?

Know more about Hawk Bags style and prices on their social media account.

Instagram: @Hawkbags 

*Thanks to my college buddy (Kaye) for being my model on this collab*
Hawk Bag: Your Affordable Travel Bag

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  1. My style bag for backpacks are Herschel Supply Co. For this Fatigue Hawk Bag, I honestly don't find the design aesthetically pleasing even for a travel bag. It's good to know though that it's light and it will be able to carry a lot of stuff. I'm sure someone else will find that bag interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great backpack! This is perfect for travel, might buy this for my hiking trip thats coming up!

  3. I love how you styled this one!! I think my brother will like that bag.

  4. Hi that's a nice bag! I like that its colored that way so it wouldn't be easy to get dirty. Nice post too! :)


  5. Wow! I love how hawk bag innovate it's brand and styles. It looks so stylish and on trend. Youngster will definitely love it,

  6. This is so true. Eversince middle school I use Hawk bags. Very durable and fashionable as well! :)

  7. I love Hawk bags too. They're very durable nga. And they have a lot of designs to choose from! :)

  8. Never really got over my backpack phase, so whenever possible, I still use my Hawk bag too! Won mine from an online raffle and been my go to bag ever since. :)

  9. I remember hawk bags when I was in highschool. now I mostly use shoulder bags. love the color combo of the bag you are using. :)

    ♥ Aika | aikaloraine.com

  10. Every traveler's must haves! It has the large compartments for all the things that is needed for vacations or just plain gala. :)


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