Bag Haul: Charles and Keith

by - June 23, 2016

Awhile ago, I was in SM Southmall to have my old Globe simcard replaced from 3g to LTE capable sim (yes! I have a century old simcard, lol). Anyhoo, while walking around the mall and doing some window shopping, I felt a little dizzy and so I head to Burger King to grab a quick meal. After so, I continue my window shopping and I still feel dizzy and started to have palpitations. I went straight to Watsons and have my BP checked and the result is normal and that moment I knew I was having an anxiety again. I don't know what triggers it but I have to be calm right then and there. So, I bought 1 bottle of water from Watsons and White Flower thinking it might help. 

I walked slowly while drinking my bottled water and I saw one of my favourite store - Charles and Keith. I went inside the boutique and just checking out their new bags and sandals. I have no plan on buying one but here I am, bought a new handbag. Original price is Php4,000+ /  USD 89.00 and lucky me I am really keen and on SALE items, and I only bought this Maroon handbag for only Php2,100 / USD47.00. Yup! that's 40% off.

What I love about this bag:

- Spacious
- Light Weight
- Color
- Simple Design
- It's On Sale!  

Well, I thank you Charles and Keith you cured my Anxiety. Lol. I now realized that I don't need anti-anxiety pills, shopping will cure my anxiety.

Till my next shopping adventure!

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  1. Looks like a good buy. The colour and design is quite nice and will go with casual and business attire both!

  2. The bag looks portable and great. The features speak for the bag already. Thanks for sharing

  3. The dizziness was out of picture when you saw the beautiful bag? Not a medicine or water can do the right thing....he..he..he..Well, good discount indeed!

  4. That's a good buy especially it has the elegance of an office bag. It also looks spacious and sturdy.

  5. That's a good deal. For me the best cure for not just anxiety but for everything is travelling.

  6. 40% off is a big deal. It looks small in the photo, but you describe it as spacious. That is good for a bag to be able to carry the minimum requirement of ladies' things.

  7. I'm envious that you have Burger King there. And about the anxiety, I've been there. I have taken meds for it and got fat as a result. Anyways, I'm not so much a fan of hand bags since they cause my shoulders to get uneven.

  8. I like Charles & Keith their design is very in and minimalist chic. so nice.

  9. Charles and Keith is a trusted brand. I like their shoes too.


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