Isla Felomina: A New Diving and Snorkeling Site in Puerto Princesa Palawan

by - June 13, 2016

During my 4-day trip to Palawan, one of the highlights of my tour is going to an undiscovered island along the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park - friends I give you Isla Felomina. 

Isla Felomina is the newest diving and snorkeling spot in Puerto Princesa Palawan. Very few have known this islet along the subterranean river. Water lovers and beach bum will surely fell in love with this place. Crystal clear water and lots of little fish are seen here.

How to get to Isla Felomina:

- From Puerto Princesa airport, ride any tricycle going to the Van terminal. Fare Php50.00 / USD1.00
- From the North Terminal, ride any van going to Sabang. Fare Php 140.00 / USD 3.00 Private van rental good for 10 pax (roundtrip) is Php 3,500 / USD 78.00
- At the port, hire a pump boat going to Isla Felomina. Fare Php 2,000 / USD 44.00 good for 6 pax.

Before going to the island you have to call/sms Barangay Captain Hipolito at (63) 905-2972477 if you opt to have lunch at the island prepared by the locals. Entrance fee is Php 168.00 / USD 3.7  and Entrance with lunch is Php 360.00 / USD 8.00 - Rice, Fish, Veggies and local desserts.

Snorkeling gears are for rent at the port for Php 150.00 / USD 3.3

I am blessed and still overwhelmed with the kind of experience I had during my Palawan tour. Thank you so much Palawan tourism.

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  1. Wow.. A total new discovery for me. I did not know about this place at all. So amazing!

  2. This was the trip that I passed on to joining! Glad you all had fun! See you all this Sunday :)

  3. I really need to go back to Palawan soon! There's just so much to see :D

  4. My family members are not really beach-lovers, so we may just stay on the beach and not venture into the water if we go here. I can only snorkel if they have masks with corrective lenses. The first time I dove with those masks with visual grade, it was also in Palawan, in Dos Palmas.

  5. Palawan is one of the places in my travel bucket list. It's a great tourist spot in the Philippines. I'd like to try diving there.

  6. My husband is going to Palawan in a few weeks. I wonder if they'll go here. This looks exciting.

  7. This post is very helpful as a guide to travel in the isla. Well, Palawan is a tourist spot and gives the amazing trip to travelers. Snorkeling's great way to explore the waters in this place.

  8. You guys are so bad :P .... All you bloggers from Philippines with your wonderful, scenic, picturesque beaches and nature, you guys make sure we get enough tempted visit your country!!! Haha!!!!

    1. Lol. We may not have big monuments as to america and europe but here in the philippines we have beautiful beaches.

  9. Palawan has the richest Marine life so its really nice to dive and snorkel. The place is just so rich in tourist attractions.

  10. This is a great place. It will surely help as guidelines for the travelers. Thanks for sharing

  11. It's funny that a few only knows about Isla Felomina. I don't know why it sounds familiar. Maybe I've heard of this before.

  12. What a cool place! This is a new place to adventure, need to share your post so that everyone will know.

  13. I haven't been to Palawan! But might go next year to Puerto Princesa with the family.

  14. It looks like you were very fortunate to go. What a wonderful trip!

  15. I remembered my recent trip to one such island in Malaysia. Snorkeling can be really fun!

  16. I want to go snorkeling so bad! I would love to visit this place. It looks very beautiful.

  17. Wow stunning photos. I am yet brave enough to try snorkeling on holiday yet, bit everyone always comes back so happy from the experience.
    So glad you enjoyed yours too.

  18. I tried snorkeling once and I nearly got drifted out into the deep sea! It's so scary! I have phobia ever since then... Not sure if I dare to try it anymore...


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