Change The Way You See Travel - Mobile Photography

by - August 30, 2016

When I was younger, I thought traveling is only for rich and fortunate ones. Who has big accounts, but nahhh you have to be creative, you have to research and plan your travel - inshort DIY so you can save money.

I always enjoy traveling to our province in Bicol and Pangasinan. These are the two provinces in the Philippines I frequently go and Tagaytay which is a 1.5hr drive from my house here in Manila. A few years back, when I still don't own a good SLR and I only rely on my mobile phone so I can capture my memorable memories to places where I travel. And now that I own an SLR, I still use my mobile phone for an unexpected capturing of a subject. 

I enjoy traveling via airplane and enjoying the view on the window seat. Capturing clouds, the tail of the plane, wing of the plane and landscape is priceless for me.

Locals at the top of a cliff in La Union

Because of traveling, I became an active person again! I now enjoy hiking, searching for falls, volcanoes and great scenery on top of a mountain.

Mt. Ijen in Banyuwangi Indonesia

One of the many things I enjoy while traveling is experiencing local food and especially coffee if the place or country offers it. 

I also enjoy walking around the street at night and day with friends. You will see unexpected subject to capture. These mobile phones are my go-to camera/bestfriend on the road esp if it has a very good camera that can produce quality photos just like the Huawei P9 that has a camera and co-engineered by Leica. It has dual back camera that can produce high quality photos like monochrome, colored, light painting photos and even slo-mo. How great is that? 

Dusun Bambu in Bandung Indonesia

Traveling makes me more appreciate LIFENATURE, and PEOPLE around especially on how to mingle with them and when I travel abroad with a different culture and belief of a country. 

Bamboo Church Las Pinas

Bloggers from Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia

Regardless of different personality, culture and belief, I always gain new friends alongside with the photos I captured, experiences I endure, great memories that will always be remembered and friends (old & new) are the precious gifts to anyone who loves traveling. 

(all photos are captured by mobile phones)

Change The Way You See Travel - Mobile Photography

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  1. I do enjoy travelling. But what I want to do when travelling is eating different cuisines that I am eating from different places and finding out how to cook those kinds of recipes back at home.

  2. I find a great deal of joy in traveling myself. It's one of the three luxuries that I indulge in. In my last trip, I didn't bring a camera. All my photos were images taken from my phone. I've been meaning to get a new SLR or DSLR but sometimes kase when I'm traveling, it's a bit of hassle to take out your phone and camera - lol. So right now, it's whatever works and whatever's convenient for me as long as it still makes me take nice photos :)

    1. I will not giveup my DSLR. Yet Im planning to get a mirrorless camera cause its handy. But im hoping to win a huawei p9 soon

  3. i'm using samsung note 4 and my phone camera is really quite bad. i'm not sure if it's actually a defect on my phone, or what. but my phone camera gives me grainy and orangey shots most of the time. which is why i always end up using my mirrorless camera and then transferring the photos back to my phone to post on FB or IG.

  4. I am a mobile photographer too! I totally know how you feel about SLR camera, so I am a mobile camera advocate too! Haha, Team Apple over here!

  5. I really like how crisp your photos are! I wish they were bigger though! :O

  6. Travelling is really a great way to spend vacation time away from the hustle of routine life. We learn a lot, we see a lot, we eat a lot of new things. A good camera phone is really an indispensable thing to bring on these trips.

  7. I have a gopro but my go-to camera are my phones. It's really a lot more handy and accessible.

  8. Nice one. It is a pleasure reading this piece of article. Pictures are just a memorable thing for the future. Thanks for sharing

  9. I love traveling. It really doesn't cost an arm and a leg to do it either@

  10. I accept. At some places carrying a dslr is plain cumbersome. And once I was traveling thru a place where camera wasn't allowed!!! So yeah, I still rely a lot on my phone.


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