What to Expect in Kawah Putih?

by - August 17, 2016

Bandung Indonesia is the last leg of my 12-day Indonesia tour c/o the Tourism Ministry of Indonesia. Bandung is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia, about 180 km south-east of Jakarta. Before we head back to Jakarta, Kawah Putih is one of our last destination in Bandung. It is our second volcano to see during our 2 weeks stay in Indonesia. Kawah Putih (White Crater) is 50 km south of Bandung and is one of the most popular tourist attraction by the locals and especially for us foreigners. Since it opened to the public on 1987 - many tourists have been visiting this bluish crater. 

What can we expect in Kawah Putih?

1. Weather

Bandung's weather is like Tagaytay or Baguio in the Philippines so expect a bit colder temperature and sweater or jackets are advised to wear. 

2. Vendors

When you get to the main car park, you will see lots of food vendors, gift shops and some are selling blueberries and strawberries for an affordable price of less than 100PHP per small tray.

3. Multi-cab ride

Also, you have to take a multi-cab and will travel for 5 kilometers to get to the entrance of the crater and I enjoyed the 5-kilometer ride because of the cold breeze. 

4. Hassle-free drone flying area

I'm so excited to get to the crater so I can fly my DJI drone and flying drones here in Indonesia is hassle-free compared to the Philippines that I have to get a permit so I can fly my drone (well, not all parts of the PH actually). Congrats Gael (www.thepinaysolobackpacker.com) for flying your drone and not crashing it, lol. 

5. Strong Smell of Sulfur 

As a safety precaution - wear a mask whenever at the crater. 

6. Magnificent View

Tourist will really enjoy and appreciate the blue crater, huge rock formations around the crater and the greenery of the surroundings.

Enjoy watching my drone shot at Kawah Putih.

More info: Visitors need to pay 2.2USD / 103PHP for the entrance fee and multi-cab fare. 

What to Expect in Kawah Putih?


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  2. Smell of Sulphur, Volacano, Drone - this is too tempting. I want ti go there..

  3. Wooo... Playing with the drone should be fun. I heard from my friend that it takes a lot of practice for someone to navigate the drone properly without any shakiness!

    1. Dji is a good drone even beginners like didnt have a hard time flying it

  4. The view is fantastic as expected. It's nice to be able to experience this place, I hope to see it in person soon! The scenery is just awesome. I'm sure taking pictures or videos using your drones will give amazing results!

  5. The drone video is impressive. The place looks really beautiful and you were able to capture that beauty in your post.

  6. I wish the photos were bigger sis! It's hard to see when viewing in high-res monitor. Nonetheless, seemed you enjoy this sponsored trip! If I was to go to Indonesia, it'll definitely be Bali. Probably the safest of all cities that I know of in Indonesia :D

    1. Noted sis. Bali is ok I have only seen 1 beach and their docking station lol.

  7. Stunning locales!! Volcanos even if they are sleeping is a site to watch for sure.

  8. Oooh what a nice trip. I've always thought Indonesia had a warmer climate than ours, but then again what do I know about geography and weather? How are the locals? What is it like? Would you recommend going to the crater with the kids? Will the mask make it safe for them with all the sulfur smell? Really interested. Thanks! :)

    1. Its safe to bring kids there. A simple surgical mask will do. Sulfur smell is not that strong as to compare to Mt. Ijen

  9. Clearly, your adventure has given the use of drone a massive top shot! You perfectly captured the views, plus the tons of pictures are amazing! Love to get my hands on a drone and replicate such feat you created.

  10. Its quite a good place to take photos also, especially at the inner jungle side.

  11. Nice article
    Thanks for come to our country :D

    1. I love my stay in Bandung. plus the shopping. lol


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