Spanish Cooking with Doña Elena Olive Oil

by - September 17, 2016

I keep cooking like my grandfather taught me, like my friend’s mothers and other people taught me. Living independently I need to cook  my own food. My ultimate dream is opening my own restaurant soon. That’s why I’m very happy when a friend of mine asked me to attend a cooking class “sounds great”.

I attended the Cooking By The Bay at the New World Manila Bay Hotel , the Home of Modern Oriental Hospitality. Featuring the “Taste of Spain” with Dona Elena Olive Oil a healthy and tasty partner in cooking Spanish sumptuous food. The class started first by introducing to us by our host Ms. Bianca King the people behind this event The Executive Chef  Mr. James William and Mr. Jun Cochanco Fly Ace President. Fly Ace Corporation is one of the most leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today and they are the exclusive distributor of Dona Eleña Olive Oil in the Philippines.

The Executive Chef Mr. James Williams of New World Bay Manila Hotel gave us a briefing on how to prepare our own food. The step by step in preparing food, the do’s and don’ts. Mr. Jun Cochanco discussed the things that make Doña Elena Olive Oil the right one for us. They divided us into a group with four members. Each group has the same dish to prepare. The famous Paella mix, sangria, and ripe salad tomatoes seeded.

We learned a lot from the supportive chef of New World Manila Bay Hotel. Listening carefully while cooking our first dish “Paella Mixta”.

Paella Mixta” Paella is a Valencian rice dish with ancient roots that originated in its modern form in the mid-19th century near Albufera lagoon on the east coast of Spain adjacent to the city of Valencia. A combination of seafood and meat. 

This is my first time to cooked Paella and it was fun. With the help of my team members and our assigned chef, the outcome was awesome. Every mouthwatering bite of this rice-based dish will leave you begging for more!… It really has something for everyone! It is a fantastic meal to make for groups.

We also enjoyed the ripe salad tomatoes making. Again we are all the first timer here so no dull moment.This is so easy you just have to mix the ripe tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste . And put in a blender as easy as that. This is served with toasted baguette, spread the tomatoes on top. So healthy and delicious. “Tomatoes” is a good source of Lycopene.

And the last but not the least “Sangria” making. This is a combination of wine, brandy, and sugar in a pitcher. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Add sliced fruits. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour or overnight.

These Spanish cuisine creations made possible with the help of Executive Chef James Williams and his culinary team. And of course Doña Elena Olive Oil perfect for everyday cooking and one of the leading and most preferred olive oil brand in the country. Dona Elena Olive oil will not fail you and your taste buds.

“Olive oil does not only provide health benefits but also elevates the taste of any dish to a whole new level”

We’ve received the “Certificate of Participation” award for successfully completed the Taste of Spain-Spanish Cooking Class. This award is something we couldn’t be more proud of. A wonderful award.

Thank you New World Manila Bay Hotel, Doña Elena Olive Oil and Fly Ace Corporation. My very first cooking class experience was amazing. I look forward to having a cooking class with you again soon.

God bless! You’re amazing.

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 Spanish Cooking with Doña Elena Olive Oil

Written and Photos: Marian Bautista 

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