Experience Antique: Mararison Island

by - October 05, 2016

I thought I will never be able to go to Antique after having Influenza after my Davao trip. I have to take full bed rest for almost 2 weeks just so I can fully recover. But thankfully, after 10 days of resting, I was able to follow my colleagues in Antique and already missed 2 days of our itinerary. 

I arrived Kalibo Airport last Monday, September 26 and waited for my shuttle service to drop me off to Culasi Antique. It was a 2-hr drive from Kalibo going to Antique and when I get to Culasi, I rode a small boat that will only fit 6 persons max ( that's what I think, lol). I was with these 2 boatmen and we traveled from port to the island about 20minutes because of the strong current and waves (Jesus Christ!) I survived that 20-minute long boat ride that I felt it was 20 years already, lol.

During Typhoon Yolanda, Mararison Island was hit and houses are washed out. It was devastating to all IP (Indigenous People) who lost their houses and boats. But thankfully after few years after the typhoon, the community built and put barriers at the sea shore. You will see here how simple their lives is, I have seen woman weaving their fish net, fishing is their main source of living here on the island. 

The marvelous mountains of Mararison Island. It was somehow likely common view of Batanes (though I have never been to Batanes). 

Thanks Jola for capturing this coz I have to go down and be back at our hut because it was starting to rain again.

When the rest of the group are back from the mountain, we only have 20 minutes to stay on the island or else we have to stay there because it was starting to build up strong current because it was raining and also there is a monsoon/Habagat that time.

Of course, it was only me who is panicking because I can't stand to ride on that small boat again and experience more waves and actually high waves! But were able to get off the island just at the right time, thank God! 

It was a nerve-wracking, fun and unforgettable experience in Mararison Island. 

Experience Antique: Mararison Island

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  1. Beautiful photos! I am glad you were feeling well enough to make the trip...and survived the waves! And I am glad the community was able to rebuild, I can't imagine seeing my whole town washed away.

  2. I can imagine the scare after you say about the typhoon!
    I am glad the people there are slowly picking up the threads of life.
    Hope such a tragedy never happens again.

  3. I never heard of this area before. The mountains look beautiful. Good you recovered from your illness!

  4. These pictures are so beautifully captured and I am in love with the way you captured the beach. Pardon my ignorance but I would really love to know which country are we talking about here?

  5. Lovely pictures that bring alive the lush greenery and sheer beauty of the landscapes. I can feel the wind in my hair and smell the fresh grass. I can hear the call of the mountains crying out to get out there.

  6. You have beautiful photos here. Mararison island is really beautiful and hope I get to visit soon. Philippines indeed has so much to offer!

  7. That's so sad to hear about a Devestating natural disaster. I'm glad you were still able to make the most of your time in this gorgeous location. All the best travelers make the most of a bad situation and push on :)

  8. There is nothing worse that having to miss a trip because you don't feel well. I am happy that you managed to get there though, I know how hard it is to travel when you are sick. Even if it rained the views look amazing and I'm sad to hear that the place when through a natural disaster recently. It's gorgeous.


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