Budget Accommodation: BGC Panay Kain at Tulog

by - November 07, 2016

Back then I would only stay in a nice, clean and comfortable hotel beds because I want comfort and total relaxation. But to my surprise and since I am being a "budgetarian" traveler I started staying in a much affordable choice - A Hostel. My thinking before when I hear about the hostel is a dirty, old building however I am totally wrong. One of the newest hostel chain in the Philippines is BGC Hostel with 4 branches: Makati, Manila, Quezon City and Bulacan. Panay Kain at Tulog is operated by BGC Hostel chain and located at 23 Panay Avenue Quezon City.

Getting there via commute:

Coming from North - ride any jeepney / FX going to Pantranco Hiway Panay. Drop off infront of BGC Panay kain at Tulog Hostel.

Coming from Manila / Quiapo - ride any jeepney / FX going to Rotonda / Quezon City. Drop off to Panay Ave and turn right on the first street and you will see Panay Kain at Tulog Hostel.

Every BGC branch has its own theme. Here in Panay Kain at Tulog, the reception / lobby area is very posh, chic and modern. Any Instagram addict will surely enjoy every corner of this room, I mean, who wouldn't right? I think it's even perfect for a prenup / pre-debut pictorial.


The hostel has 8 private rooms and 7 dorm rooms. Dorm room has 76 bed and cost per bed is 450 PHP / 9.7 USD (PROMO RATE till January 2017). Regular rate is 499 PHP / 10.85 USD. Each bed has its own power socket and lamp shade with a curtain for added privacy. Dorm rate per month is only 2,800 PHP / 60.8 USD per head / per bed. 

For private rooms, 4 room will share 1 dining area and 2 toilets and bath. Each room has a double bed, with air condition, linens, bedside table, clothes rack and vanity mirror. My only concern in my private room is that it doesn't have a lampshade.


Aside from its good location, clean rooms, the building also has 3 classy restaurants at the ground floor. 3 restaurant that offers Filipino cuisine, international cuisine and a cafe selling breads and pastries. 

With its prime location, hostel room rate is so cheap. Inside and outside the building is Instagram-worthy. 

Budget Accommodation: BGC Panay Kain at Tulog

23 Panay Ave Barangay Paligsahan, Quezon City
(near corner Roces Ave and Quezon Ave)
For reservations / inquiries call 02-3763195 / 0977-8225242 / 0933-4251927

The use of this 360° virtual tour of Panay Kain Tulog Atbp. Hostel in Quezon City is authorized by Traveloka.

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  1. Woah! I didn't expect all of those pics! Thanks for sharing :) This is really a helpful information.. not all cheap accommodation are old and dirty :D


  2. I thought before I read the entire post this hostel is located in our region IV, particularly in Panay as what the name so suggested. I was wrong. It is located in Manila, particularly in Panay Avenue in Quezon City. This place for travelers and transient occupants may serve them best. It is indeed a classy kind of hostel with a clean environs and everything.

  3. I like the interiors of this hostel. It looks elegant and classy. That's nice to know that they have other branches as it gives us more choices. :-)

  4. I love staying in hostels as well. Best place to get to know new people when traveling...

  5. The accommodation has a very artsy feel. It makes the place a lot more refreshing.

  6. Wow what an attractive exterior! I do hope I can try out staying at a hostel when I have time for a simple staycation. I am near this area so I can check this out.

  7. I've heard of many nice themed hostels too! I think the main difference between most hotels and hostels are the sound-proof rooms, private toilets and facilities. The colourful exterior + interior are indeed very instagram-ish!

  8. This budget accomodation doesn't look that budget. Quite decent and clean. I liked that colorful windows a lot.

  9. Even though you have mentioned it is a budget accommodation but I feel it has all the facilities for a tourist to stay.

  10. Yes, it's true, the meaning of hostel comes when different people assumes the place according to his/her experience. The themes are very colorful and awesome.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. For a budget hostel, it looks pretty attractive. How's the wifi connection? What other amenities do they have to offer aside from room accommodations?

  13. The hostel looks nice, love the ambiance. I want to try to ride on the jeepney, looks exciting!


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