Affordable Stay in Pasay Manila

by - December 16, 2016

Aside from lavish hotels around Pasay there is also a much more affordable hotel that you can stay which is still near the airport and close to the shopping malls and casino. One of the best and most affordable choices is Icon Hotel Macapagal. Located in Pasay - near Coastal Road Hiway, about 3mins away from City of Dreams and 5 to 7 mins away from Mall of Asia. 

Suite 1 can accommodate 2 persons with a free buffet breakfast for only 3,250 PHP / 66 USD for an overnight stay or 24 hours stay. This room type has a view with en-suite bathroom and cabinet for your belongings. 

What I like about the room:

- Clean
- With window view
- Cold ac

Suite 2 has 1 queen bed and 1 single bed that can accommodate 3 persons max with free buffet breakfast for 3,500 PHP / 71 USD for 24 hours stay. This room type has an en-suite bathroom with bathtub and cabinet and tv as well. The only downside is this room has no view, a motel feels actually. 

What I like about the room:

- Clean
- Spacious
- Can accommodate more than 3 person
- Has a bathtub


- No window view
- Motel feels

If you opt to eat outside the hotel, take a cab going to the Mall of Asia and there you can find tons of great restaurants. From affordable ones, buffets restaurants, seaside restaurant for more relaxed and perfect place to chill and have a beer or have dinner to some expensive restaurant located at the mall. 

Getting there from Manila Airport:

- Take an airport bus and drop off at Mall of Asia and take a cab going to the Icon Hotel Macapagal
- Or take a cab from Manila Airport and drop off at the hotel 

For more info on the hotel rooms and amenities visit

Affordable Stay in Pasay Manila - ICON HOTEL MACAPAGAL

The use of this 360° virtual tour of Icon Hotel Macapagal is authorized by Traveloka.

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  1. The place looks chic and neat! Esp when I'm visiting cities, this is the type of hotel I'd choose. I go for resorts only when the location is offbeat!

  2. Always love a room with good AC ! Room looks nice and clean and comfy. Thanks for sharing !

  3. Isn't this the hotel with themed rooms? I hear it's far from the main road. Your review is giving me second thoughts about the hotel

  4. Very nice option for a Staycation near MOA. Will keep this in mind. I think I can fit my family of five in there. Haha!

  5. The window view is not much a big considering factor if I'm a paying customer. But I definitely find it more appealing to take photos if I have a good window view!

  6. It's nice that they are offering 12 hour rates and it's really reasonable. The room looks spacious too.

  7. Oh, is this the one near MOA? Will check this out, possibly a good hotel for us to stay in if we want to leave the Alabang area lol!

  8. Nice and clean and pretty spacious! I have never been to Manila before.. but I hope to someday. Perhaps will keep these tips handy then!

  9. I rarely find hotels that offer 12 hour stay. Good thing that this hotel offers it. I'll surely recommend this to my friends most especially for those who are traveling and would just want to stay in a hotel for a less than 12 hours.

  10. Looks so neat and comfy.. Wish I could stay there once.. Nice leh..


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