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by - December 21, 2016

Recently, I had the worst days of my life. Being a mom and raising your kid by your own is not that easy and knowing that I have to raise my kid on my own from now on is really terrifying and it breaks my heart. Life is never easy, I know that but I could not imagine that I have to experience the worst from my kids dad. It was such an emotional draining weeks of my life but life goes on and I should be brave and be strong for my kid. 

I had to get out of my house and be somewhere else just so I can clear my mind and the best way to do it with my kid is to have a staycation. One of the newest and nearest hotels in Manila airport is Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila, located in Pasay City - The Entertainment City of the Philippines because all of the BIG Casino and Hotels in Manila are all here. 

Golden Phoenix Hotel offers affordable hotel rooms from 3,000 PHP / 61 USD to 5,000 PHP / 102 USD. My kid and I stayed in their Deluxe Twin Room with 2 double bed, bedside lamp, coffee table, LED TV, coffee and tea maker, cabinet, en-suite bathroom with complete toiletries. 

The hotel has 100+ room from 2nd to 7th floor and from 7th to 15th floor are condominium occupants and owners. All share 1 adult pool and 1 kiddie pool which is not good! The pool is too small and they don't provide towels! Before going to the pool area, I called the front desk and asked if there will be towel provided at the pool area and she said yes so we went to the pool area and to my surprise there were no towels and the pool staff told me that I should get towel from my room because they do not provide any. Now, that is really misleading! I hate it and I get mad that moment but I had to forget it and let it pass so my kid could enjoy our staycation. 

Next time, please do not give wrong info to your hotel guest!

What I like about the hotel:

- Comfy bed
- Spacious room
- Has a pool
- Close to Mall of Asia (walking distance)
- Close to the church (walking distance)

What I don't like about the hotel:

- No Hairdryer
- Shampoo and Bath Liquid Soap is on a dispenser (same as the gym provides)
- No towel provided at the pool area
- Not enough couch at the lobby area
- Going to your room will be like a maze! 
- Too many lifts that you get confused because some of it is for tenants of the hotel

One of my dilemma when going on s staycation with my kid is bringing multiple bags, one for me and one for my kid but good thing that I have a Cabin Zero 44-L Military Backpack and all my stuff during my quick staycation together with my lovely kid all fit it. Also, my gorilla pod and SLR are inside my backpack so no more bringing another camera bag for it which is very convenient and handy. 

To order your own Cabin Zero Bag visit

Will I go back to this hotel? I'm not sure!
Will I recommend this to friends and family? Maybe
Value for Money? Fairly ok!

For more info and booking, reservation visit

Manila Staycation X Cabin Zero

The use of this 360° virtual tour of Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila in Pasay City is authorized by Traveloka.

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  1. The affordable room prices are a good plus for me. I think I may consider this as a possible venue of a family staycation as well next year.

  2. I've never heard of Golden Phoenix Hotel before! I love how simple but clean everything is! Very perfect for customers of any kind :D

  3. I am so sorry for what you're going thru. I'm sure you're a very brave woman. My prayers are with you...
    Btw, yes, you need the break. The cabin zero bag look perfect...

  4. I normally stay at The Villas in SBMA when I just want to relax. The price is affordable and it's not noisy since there aren't too many rooms.

  5. They have really spacious room. It would really be a comfortable place to stay for a staycation.

  6. What matters is that you enjoyed your stay and had fun. I like the look of the hotel and the setting.

  7. Thanks for sharing your likes and dislikes. Not having shower toiletries is indeed something that will be a hassle for the guests...
    Not sure what happened between you and your family, but hope things can be sorted out and stay strong!

  8. Staycation is supposed to be as good as vacation. Even I wouldn't like the things you mentioned about the place. But glad that you managed to make the most of it.

  9. For us having a pool is always the deciding factor. My kids love it. By the way, be strong, always think that every cloud has a silver lining, and before you know it you'll see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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