Thank You for Breaking my Heart, Thank You 2016

by - January 06, 2017

2016 has been a crazy rollercoaster ride! Last year I received a lot of blessings for my blogging career, been to many places here in the Philippines and even abroad. I even got invited for a media trip for the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia and Jerusalem. I also met a lot of amazing bloggers and influencers on joining these numerous media trips. I gained a lot of friends and these new friends became my close friends.

Recently, me and my child's father separate our ways. Since I had a miscarriage on 2012 our relationship became weak, we always fight even to small things, and because of that, I suffer from depression and panic attacks. I needed to see a doctor because of this and if I don't I would have been in a mental institution that time. I have to be well for my kid and I have to be strong for her.

Last November 2016, it was the most painful and chaotic time of my life! We finally decided to separate ways and just be civil for our child. I told him "How can you do this to me and to our child?" It's not only I feel betrayed and at the same time insulted! I always asked myself  "What have I done to make him cheat?" "Am I not pretty enough so he has to look for other women?" "Maybe I'm not good enough for him?" These are the questions that kept playing in my head over and over again. Been having insomnia because of this, I started smoking a cigarette again because I am always having anxiety and I am always crying, I became very irritated easily with other people.

Because of this, I am no longer healthy - physically, mentally and emotionally. I am BREAKING INTO PIECES!  But I can not be like this forever, I can not keep on crying every day and every night of my life! I have to be well and be strong for my 6-yr old kid. I have to show her that Mommy is ok and happy, but how? how do I start healing? HOW?!!!!!

My child, my parents, my sister, my close cousins, and friends have been my strength and my source of happiness. All they can do is listen to me, give advice and be there for me.

Thank you, Mama, Papa, Steph, Gael, Maff, Icel, Mares Dyosa, Mhay, Vina and to my Team Philippines - Trisha, Gael, Vins, Ken, Jelits, Aleah and Sarah! Thank you for reminding me to be strong and pray harder. Thank you for listening to me over and over again! Thank you for everything! 

I am still in the process of HEALING. Traveling keeps me sane and happy! So I am starting my 2017 in traveling my home country - Philippines. I am still on my journey on visiting all 81 provinces in the Philippines. Wish me luck people!

Disclaimer: I joined the #AirAsiaPH #thankyou contest

Thank You for Breaking my Heart, Thank You 2016!

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  1. Sweet friend, I am praying for healing, strength, and courage for you. You are beautiful!

  2. There are no right or wrong experiences. Good and bad should count because it makes us the best person that we are now. You are one of the strongest women I know. Don't you ever take sh*^t from anyone!

  3. aaaaw hugs mama lee!! love you! remember we are here for you!

    1. Salamat Kenn!!! Pero hindi na ako masyado naiyak, mejo nalang! Lol
      Love yah besh!

  4. Keep up the spirit and everything will be alright! You can do it mommy!! Hugs!! Stay positive.

  5. Stay strong dearie. I know you can do it, you are one of the strongest person I know...

    Hugs and muaks all the way from Malaysia.

  6. I read a quote somewhere once and it seems to be appropriate here: This too, shall pass. Everything is transient and the more we embed ourselves in the moment, the more permanent it seems.

  7. near far, wherever you are, wag lang friday kse traffic. lol, stay strong, proud of you <3

  8. We're always here for you! Better days will come soon! Stay strong! ��

  9. A strong story... gosh. You have done nothing wrong girl. Remember, you are the honest, kind one here! Stay strong!

  10. I reckon the healing has already begun. Though 2016 has been turbulent, you have already met many new friends and been to so many new places. Its difficult to cherish the new gifts when you're emotionally distressed and drained but one day you will look back on this period/blogpost in your life, tell the tales as it is and laugh about it with others..

  11. Good luck in 2017 - enjoy your travels and seeing more of the Philippines. Time is a great healer.

  12. Good luck on travelling all the provinces in the Philippines and I hope you start to feel better soon.

  13. Thanks for sharing something so personal. Just try to stay positive and things will get better. I wish you a happy and healthy 2017.

  14. Stay strong, always, no matter what. And remember that there is always sunshine, even after heavy rain. Wish you all the best!

  15. I felt a clenching in my heart as I read your story. Wishing you complete healing, more adventures, and inner strength for your daughter! Better days are ahead.

  16. There must be a reason for everything. At times, we cannot really comprehend why something happened but I believe that in the long run, in God's time, all those that happened be it good or bad will unfold its own purpose in our life. It is a good thing that we keep our eyes on the blessings no matter how big or small it is. Having a life of gratitude will take us to great lenght. I hope more success for you in 2017.


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