Vintage Hotel in the heart of Pasay City: The Henry Hotel Manila

by - February 10, 2017

Henry Hotel Manila opened 2014 and this was an old house by the owner (which the staff did not disclose). When the owner decided to have a hotel, they build another structure and now they have 29 Classic or Standard room, 4 Suite rooms, and 1 owners suite. Henry Hotel Manila is just 6 kilometers away from Manila Airport and the owner's friend designed the interior of the hotel. The renowned interior designer - Eric Paras is the man behind the lovely vintage yet hip hotel. The hotel has a mid-century furnishings with the modern hotel facilities and amenities. 

All rooms are non-smoking so you have to get out of your room is you want to light up a cigarette. The hotel has a huge garden area, just beside the pool where you can have your morning coffee or cigarette time. 

The pool is open and free of use for hotel guests. 

Ample parking space for hotel guests who are bringing their card with them. Also, the hotel is open for a wedding reception and you can book the whole hotel for your special day with your future spouse for 350,000 PHP / 7,142 USD. 

This includes:
- Overnight stay with breakfast for 68 persons which are a total of 34 rooms. 
- Reception at The Lawn for 4 hours
- Buffet dining for 80 persons at Apartment 1B
- Basic tables and chairs set up
- Basic sound system and projector for 4 hours

For other wedding, promos visit their website at

The hotel also has their own gift shop, when I was here a few days ago, I see a lot of foreign travelers and family staying here so having an in-house shop is easier for them to buy gifts back at their home country. 

Standard / Classic room is a bit small as to compare with another hotel with the same price as the Henry Hotel. The room costs around 6,000 PHP / 12 USD per night for two persons with free breakfast. 

I love the home feel at The Henry Hotel. Right outside your room, you will see the garden and pool area which gives more relaxing stay. 

They have a branch outside Manila, in Cebu that has a rustic European style with a touch of industrial design. Both are a unique hotel that every travelers and family on vacation with truly love. 

Vintage Hotel in the heart of Pasay City: The Henry Hotel Manila

The use of this 360° virtual tour of The Henry Hotel Manila is authorized by Traveloka.

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  1. The vintage feel of the hotel makes it really worth it. This could be a really good wedding or party venue.

  2. I wish, every street of Metro Manila is similar to the first photo you posted in this blog post. It looks so clear and unpolluted. The place looks so peaceful too. Perfect for wedding event like what you've said.

  3. This seems like a wonderful hotel with a home-like ambiance. The garden and gift shop is a great feature. The hotel is also quite close since it`s only in Manila.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  4. The place looks splendid. I love how the entire hotel is so encompassed by nature. Being surrounded by so many trees is totally my kinda place to be!!!


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