It's Time To Have An Online Registration For Vehicles In The Philippines

by - July 26, 2017

Are you a car owner in the Philippines? How many vehicles do you have at home or perhaps for your business? Some people say owning a car is a luxury but honestly, it's not even considered an asset (for me) because every year the value of it decreases unlike owning a house and lot or a farm/lot annually it increases its value. However, owning a car especially for a mom like me who doesn't have a nanny anymore and who brings her child to school every day and run errands every week it also adds up to our list is the registration/renewal of our car in LTO. 

I have my SUV with me for 5 years now and two years ago we renewed the registration of it. We went to LTO (Land Transportation Office - Las Pinas branch) at 7 in the morning hoping that we'll finish the renewal early but no go, Boo!. At the LTO you will find fixers who promised to help you finish in no time but we didn't accept their offer and instead, we follow the rules and procedure.

I do not understand why it has to take that long to register/renew your vehicle in LTO! 
Can we fix this anomaly and RED TAPE? Yes! we can!

It's Time To Have An Online Registration For Vehicles In The Philippines, why? Because it will be a HUGE help not just for car enthusiast but also to us moms who stay at home and does run errands. Senator JV Ejercito introduced a resolution to conduct a study for the implementation of an Online Registration of motor vehicles to better the service of LTO and to be efficient public service office. 

I hope this will soon be available in the Philippines because we're one of the two left Asian countries who do not have online vehicle registration. Common, it's 2017 now and we need to step up and be assertive in providing better service for the Filipinos. 

It's Time To Have An Online Registration For Vehicles In The Philippines 

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