Product Review: LAZADA Splash-proof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

by - October 30, 2017

Yesterday October 29, I ordered via LAZADA PH online this wireless / Bluetooth / splash proof portable speaker. And to my surprise, it was delivered to me the following day. Wow! to think that today starts the holiday in the Philippines and they're able to ship the item next business day. 

Item Name:  Splashproof Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker And Power Bank 
Color:           Silver
Price:            594 PHP / 11.88 USD

I didn't expect that this speaker will look good as this. Looks flawless and it doesn't look cheap at all. Somehow it looks like a JBL portable speaker

At the lower back section of the speaker, you will see the charger port, jack port, and USB port. 

At the top, you will see the power button, Bluetooth button, Volume, call button, call button, and multi sharing button. 

At the left and right side, you will see the speaker where the sound comes out. 

USB charger cable. It also includes the jack to connect the speaker to your mobile phones/laptop.

Upon receiving the package, I immediately tried the speaker to my iPhone and the sounds is superb! It's really LOUD and the BASS and TREBLE are OK! I haven't changed any settings yet on my phone so the sounds that produced is OK for me already. PLUS this portable speaker is also a POWERBANK. 

You can use this speaker for 12 hours (fully charged) of use (make it as a speaker and not a power bank). It has a  6000mAH battery with USB charging port. This also has a mic so when you're using this on your mobile phone and you got a call you can definitely use this speaker as a mic and speaker, cool eh?

Check the video to appreciate the quality of sounds of this affordable speaker.

Product Review: LAZADA Splashproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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  1. We have one of these and it travels around with us! Enjoy your new toy.

  2. I dont carry around any bluetooth speakers when on travels - I rather enjoy the quiet :) Also: I travel light :D . But I got some S2G bluetooth speakers on my balcony for playing music while grilling.

  3. I was thinking about buying a bluetooth speaker. This looks very cool, and it's interesting it was delivered in just a day! :) I'll consider to buy this one! :)

  4. Ohh this seems cool. Ideal for poolside tunes! Great product

  5. It does look like a JBL speaker but with a much nicer price. If i ever consider buying a portable speaker, this might be the one I go with :)

  6. Very nice. We do want to buy a portable speaker; we have music in our MP3 player, but we gotta share headphones with Sheila. This one looks really nice; I think I'm gonna order one from Lazada.

  7. I think wireless speakers are becoming more popular as the years go by. People want to have music everywhere they go but don't want to carry giant radios everywhere or have to purchase multiple radios for the house. This seems like a great alternative.

  8. The Lazada Blue tooth speaker looks cute and convenient to use. I have been thinking of buying one so would be checking out more details and availability of this product in my region. This speaker sounds like good value for money.

  9. I need a speaker like this! Looks like it would pack very easily and awesome that it's waterproof

  10. for less than 600 pesos that's a good deal. I bought a bluetooth speaker at around 900 pesos and I am not satisfied with its sound quality.

    1. tsempuhan kasi Lazada unless you'll buy the branded speakers

  11. Bluetooth speakers are one of the most recent innovations today. For one, there is a critical need of speakers that are effectively connectible and needn't bother with wires. amplifier experts


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