3 Cafes to Check Out in Las Pinas

by - April 07, 2018

Cute kid holding her favorite frappe

3 Cafes to Check Out in Las Pinas

South peeps!!!! We now have more Milk tea and coffee shops we can check in Las Pinas. Recently, my group and I were able to check out few new cafes along Naga Road, Las Pinas. Aside from these two cafes, we went to my all-time fave coffee shop inside BF Resort Las Pinas.

Here are the cafes you may wanna visit when you are in Las Pinas:

1. A Rest Tea Place


Naga Road Las Pinas
Alabang-Zapote Road (near Perpetual University)
Diego Cera Ave (near Bamboo Organ)

I have tried several times in Perpetual and Bamboo Organ branch but first on their Naga Road branch where they opened sometime around October 2017. Located on the second floor of the same building of Watsons Naga Road.

The place:

 Cool/chill vibe is their theme. Most frequent customers is a group of high school and college students. Some family as well with young kiddos. They have a total of 8 double decks that can accommodate 50+ customers.

Upon entering the cafe, you will see a shoe cabinet that you have to leave your footwear. You are not allowed to step on the foam with your shoes on it.

You can also play board games like chess, UNO, and Jenga here. So while waiting for your order and while sipping your favorite drinks and munching those fries and nachos, play UNO with your friends. It's FREE of use.

kids enjoying at a coffee shop called A Rest Tea Place in Las Pinas

Mommy and kids at heart will enjoy their coffee talks here at A Rest Tea Place Las Pinas

chatting with friends in a coffee shop in Las Pinas called A Rest Tea Place

kids are enjoying their stay here at A Rest Tea Place Las Pinas

kid enjoying her iced coffee here at A Rest Tea Place

Food Choices and Drinks:

We've tried several kinds of Milk Tea, Frappes, and few pica-pica food meals.

Double Dutch
Cookies and Cream

Drinks start from 45 pesos to 120 pesos only.

Nachos Overload for 110 pesos
Dynamite for 100 pesos
Family French Fries for 250 pesos (cheese flavor)

Roast Beef
Mushroom Chicken Pesto
Beef Taco

All for 25 pesos each

different choices of milk tea here at A Rest Tea Place Las Pinas

yummy nachos here at A Rest Tea Place Las Pinas

different frappes here at A Rest Tea Place Las Pinas

different choices of frappe here at A Rest Tea Place Las Pinas

fried cheese wrapped on lumpia wrapper

teens enjoying their coffee at A Rest Tea Place Las Pinas

affordable snacks on A Rest Tea Place Las Pinas

 All food choices are affordable and taste good. But expect a noisy crowd during peak hours in the afternoon.

2. Eats Cafe Naga Road

Located in front of Petron Naga road Las Pinas. This new cafe opened last quarter of 2017 that offers affordable milk tea, hot and cold coffee and burgers.

We tried their Kitkat Frappe for less than 150 pesos, Hot Cappuccino and Mocha Frappe. Most drinks will not cost you more than 150 pesos.

The place is pretty small that can only accommodate 25 customers. You can also borrow their games like UNO, Jenga, Crocodile. The cafe also offers FREE Wifi.

free to use games at Eats Cafe Naga Road

enjoying our time here at Eats Cafe Naga Road

sweet and delicious frappe here in Eats Cafe Naga Road

cold drink choices here at Eats Cafe Naga Road

3. The White Cup Coffee - BF Resort Las Pinas

I also order either Cappuccino or Cafe Latte. Both for 120 pesos and Blueberry Cheesecake is around 130 pesos. What I like most about his coffee shop is the ambiance, and it's quiet. If you are a Digital Nomad like me, making this your go-to office is a good choice for us South peeps. They have a FREE Wifi and I also like their Healthy Food Choices. 

sweet and delicious Blueberry here at The White Cup Coffee - BF Resort Las Pinas

hot cafe latte here at The White Cup Coffee - BF Resort Las Pinas

So there you have it. If you know other coffee shops in Las Pinas that is worth checking, let me know and I would love to visit it!

3 Cafes to Check Out in Las Pinas

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