4x4 ExpeditionPH Overland Oversea

by - April 04, 2018

FJ cruiser car club

4x4 ExpeditionPH Overland Oversea

Driving a truck like an SUV has perks especially if you are living in the Philippines. Where during rainy season many roads in Metro Manila will be flooded. Having a pickup truck like a Hilux, Estrada, Montero, Fortuner or even FJ Cruiser has advantages. You have high clearance, better driving, more horsepower and better for long driving.

I, myself was a member of a car club before and I have joined the overland trip with co-members. It was fun driving with all same vehicle in a high way and after that long drive, our group together with our family and friends will enjoy the beach or pool resort for 1 whole day.

meet the team of FJ Cruiser Philippines

car club member of FJ Cruiser Philippines

meeting and talk with FJ Cruiser Philippines

Different car clubs joined together to have 1 unity car club where all car owners have an FJ Cruiser and will travel over land and overseas for 11 days from Luzon to the Visayas all the way to Mindanao. They're group aim to reach remote areas and be able to help them in a little way by giving goods and other supplies that these generous men were able to gather and funded from their own pockets. 

Each member has a role, one is for navigation, security group, f&b and others. Each driver has a co-driver for safety issues. All members have their own 2-way radio for better communication and while the group is on the road, they will have a local security for every province they will visit. 

fj cruiser lined up here in Manila Mall of Asia

Meet the team

Albert Martinez as their spoke person of FJ Cruiser Philippines

happy member showing fist of FJ Cruiser Philippines

Filipino celebrity joined FJ Cruiser Philippines

I personally would like to join this caravan, however, I drive a 4x2 SUV and the group only accepts 4x4 SUV and they have a resident mechanic to check if your truck is fit for this 11-day trip. The group's journey will begin on May 15, 2018, until May 24th. 

Do you have that adrenaline rush to join this kind of adventure? Follow their Instagram account >>> www.instagram.con/teamroyaletrails

4x4 ExpeditionPH Overland Oversea

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