Pynocare: Your Anti Melasma Skin Care

by - July 09, 2018

Pynocare - Anti Melasma Skin Care

Are you like me that suffers from melasma since your early teens because of over sun exposure and not using proper sunblock during summer? Then don't fret ladies and gents, this Thai Pharma company gives you a remedy that will lessen your dark spots on face. Introducing Pynocare, an anti-melasma soft gel capsule.

What is MELASMA and what causes it?

- Skin deep dark spots or patches visible on our face, hands, forehead, nose and 
  cheeks and body that are always exposed to the sun. 
- UV rays trigger our melanin to overproduce
- Hormonal imbalance can also cause melasma, especially during pregnancy.
- Indoor UV rays such as television light setup, electronic devices
- Harsh cosmetics

How to lessen/remove melasma in our skin?

By taking 2 capsules a day (after a meal) of PYNOCARE Philippines anti-melasma capsule for first 8 weeks, and 1 capsule a day for maintenance.

Key ingredients of PYNOCARE

- Ascorbic Acid
- Procyanidin
- Beta-carotene 
- D-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate

pynocare capsule

pynocare capsule

Is it safe?

- Yes, but pregnant women are not allowed to take this medicine.
- This product is clinically studied at RITM by certified Dermatologists.
- Clinical trials were done in Malaysia and Thailand

Will I use this product?

I started my day 1 today as I also have melasma/dark spots on my cheeks, giving me that contour silhouette on my face tho, lol. I remember having a facial laser treatment to an old clinic and from farther skin clinic staff noticed that I have nice contour, I told her, NO that's melasma. I had this facial dark spots and also on my hands when I was exposed under the sun when I still play volleyball for my school back in grade school and high school. And every summer we'll go to the beach and I will not put any sunscreen on my face so after years and years of not pampering and taking care of my skin, now I have this melasma.

I am feeling positive about this product and will update this blog after 6 weeks if my skin improved or not.

Pricing and Availability:

- 1 box is 1,355 or 67.75 pesos per capsule.
- Available in Watsons, mercury Rose Pharmacy, South Star Drug, St. Joseph       Pharmacy and other leading drugstores nationwide.

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