9 Must Do During the Holiday Season

by - October 30, 2018

Dating during Holliday season

Its that time of the year where parties are everywhere and you can wear your cutest outfit and the countless activities this season. Who wouldn't want to be out at a fancy restaurant, having a wonderful date with your partner, having that special wine and steaks? If you are in a new relationship and just beginning to know your new partner, this is your chance to be yourself, be real and just enjoy the company and the holiday season.

Take it slow

If you are in a new relationship and the holiday season is approaching, you're thinking that you should invite your new boyfriend/girlfriend to family dinner. But ask yourself first, are you really ready to introduce your new partner to your family? It's not necessary to meet them right away especially this holiday season. Take it slow and there will always be the next holiday for you to introduce your new special someone to your family and relatives.


Be understanding

No everyone is ready to introduce their new love partner to their family, so if you are the type of jumping too fast and your new partner is not and was not able to introduce you to his/her family, don't be mad and be very understanding that every individual is different.

Invite your new relationship to parties

If your company is open on bringing plus one on their party, don't have a second thought on asking your new partner to your office party. If you're lucky and your man/woman is very confident in attending to parties where he/she do not know anyone from the crowd. Instantly you have a gorgeous date. But if you're not comfortable on bringing your new partner to company events or parties then that's totally fine.

Be confident at parties

If your partner asked you to be their exclusive date to their friend's party or office party, be yourself, dress nice and be very confident. It will not only show that you respect your partner and it will make him/her happy that he/she doesn't need to check on you every now and then at a party. Be friendly and give the best first impression of your partner's friends, family or colleagues.

Give gifts

It doesn't have to be an expensive gift right away. Small gifts or token just to show that you remember him or her during the holidays. It's a huge step in something that your new relationship partner is important to you.

Simple gifts are ok

If you re in a brand new relationship, giving expensive gifts like branded shoes, bags, jewelry and watch are sending a wrong message. Small gifts are totally fine. If you feel like and know that you are a partner is giving you an expensive item or gift this holiday season then, by all means, do the same. It's best to be on the same page with your partner.

Attend as many parties as you can

This is the time of the year where almost every week you will be out drinking and partying. And what's the best way to do that is with your brand new partner. Not only you will both get tipsy but both of you will get to know more about each other.

Drink moderately

To all women, just because you are attending a party with your new man doesn't mean you will drink all the wines and beer at the bar. Just don't get drunk and drink moderately. Nobody wants to bring home a drunk lady. That's not the best way to end the end the night, dear.

Make the holiday season special

Make that holiday season special to both you that every year, both of you will look forward to it. Spending the holiday season with a brand new relationship partner is nice, but never overdo it and just take it slow. Learn to know your partner well.

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9 Must Do During the Holiday Season

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  1. We all think we know what to do but it seems to get complicated every holiday season as we think too much and stress too much so thanks for this list! This is a good idea

  2. Thanks for the tips! The holiday season is filled with festivities and gift giving left and right that you'd forget the real essence of celebrating it --- being contented and sharing others your generosity. After all, it's about other people and not you. Merry Christmas!

  3. I totally agree with drink moderately! That's not the best way to end the end the night! HAHA!

  4. I matured early and ditched wearing expensive clothes for parties, heavy drinking, and i even cancelled parties :) It's totally worth it! I chose a quiet and cozy celebration with my family and loved ones instead xx


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